Entrant 2018

Lost in the Garden


A wild mix of Parkour, free flying and classic arcade racing, LIGHTFIELD propels you into twisting and turning race tracks full of impossible architecture and driving electronic music. Explore the world beyond the race tracks and always try to find new and even faster lines through the levels.

LIGHTFIELD introduces a new mechanic to the racing game genre. With the press of button you can seamlessly transition between driving and free flying. Keep the button pressed and your spaceship will "snap" to any nearby surface, no matter if it's a wall, ceiling or other object. Dash and jump from surface to surface through the increasingly more complex levels and explore the open tracks in exploration mode or just use them as your playground to practice your tricks, spins and flips.

The game supports up to 4 players in local splitscreen multiplayer but you can also race your friends online. Additionally the game features and extensive electronica soundtrack by Viennese artist Zanshin (