Lightfield HYPER Edition

Entrant 2019

Lost in the Garden


Lightfield is an omnidirectional blend of classical racing, parkour style tricks and free flying. A racing game at its core, Lightfield might be reminiscent of the classics, but in some aspects it is more Tony Hawk's than Wipeout or F-Zero. It is like nothing you have ever played before.

You are piloting a small spaceship through abstract cities and environments, and with the press of a button you can align and 'snap' your ship to any nearby surface spinning the ship around and giving you a speed boost. You are jumping and spinning through the abstract levels in true 6DOF fashion, always trying to find new and exciting racing lines.

This combination of free flying, parkour tricks and snapping makes this game completely omnidirectional and this is where Lightfield truly stands out. Lightfield HYPER Edition includes not only a new campaign mode, trick system and photo mode, but also features splitscreen local multiplayer as well as on online multiplayer.