Lumière Noire

Student Entrant 2017

Institut de Création et d'Animation Numérique (ICAN)
Funambule Games


Through an installation, the player has to build a structure with polystyrene fluo cubes revealed with black light. Thanks to the camera, the computer reproduces it on the screen.

Based on construction games from childhood, Lumière Noire encourages the player to reach the height indicated on the screen, thanks to eighteen cubes available : 9 red and 9 green. If the structure is stable enough the player has to destroy it to trigger an event which depends of the cubes combination. Each event is an animation on the screen which rewards player's achievement. Also, as the player builds the structure, some little animations appears in the background of the screen, like a measure of his goal.

The game is built on a paradox since in order to "win" (discover each animation), the player has to destroy the structure he managed to balance and iterate it again and again..