Manatavo Tempi

Entrant 2020

Collectif Manatavo (Marie-Andree Houde, Jean-Philippe Thibault & Jean-François Gauthier)


Manatavo Tempi is a collections of tales, videos, sound and story bytes unfolding as the user explores the app and plunges into this universe. The users can take a free, intuitive approach in exploring the app environment, designed for children aged 5 to 10. The app's interactive environment is exploration-oriented, free of rules and levels, and thought out to reward curiosity. The application is base on slow-gaming principle.

After the first visit of the house, new content will appear every play-day the child uses the app, up until the story comes to a close. Up to 4 players can move along the story at their own pace. The story advances every time a new Manatavo is found hiding around the house, each representing one of the 60 seconds on the clock out front. Once all Manatavo have been found, the story comes to a close, and the clock is finally in working condition. Users can visit all unlocked sections as often as they like, throughout their app experience.

Every visits, the kids will explore a virtual house and the world its eight tenants live in, and enjoy over 20 areas, both inside and outside the house. They will find characters, move objects around, set off sounds, find secret passageways, read stories. They will collect over the time 6 original nursing rhymes, courtesy of guest musicians. They will sing along to 4 music videos in a wacky karaoke, all in a made-up language. They will follow along as the house villain tries to bring his evil plans to fruition. They will explore the house's soundscape by setting off objects, playing music in the different rooms, and going through one of the tenants' noise collection.