Marble Madness 2: Cerny's Revenge: Tournament Edition: DX

Student Entrant 2017

Long Island University Post
Dashing Cape Games


As a graduate student, I want to make games that are off-beat for as long as I can because I know that once I get into the general game development workforce, I may be forced to produce more generic pieces for general consumption. I would like to make money for groceries, after all. MM2:CR:TE: DX is my way of turning a relatively benign homework assignment (recreate a level in Marble Madness) into something truly absurd. I laugh every time I boot up this game, which is something I think every person should have in their portfolio. I'm also intrigued at the limits players can reach, even after they verbally exclaim something to be 'impossible' or 'ridiculous.' As disorienting as it initially seems, this game is totally playable given a strong stomach and some patience.
The music is purposefully, almost mockingly casual. The snaps convey a laid back vibe, but the discordant tones mimicking popular game themes parallel the player's sense that something is just off about this experience. I love watching people's reactions upon first playing MM2:CR:TE: DX, which range from confused to annoyed to delighted to challenged.
Based on popular feedback, I may port this to VR.