Match Spree

Entrant 2017


Match Spree is a new genre of match 3 game that we have coined a "board shooter".

Its a combination of a bubble pop shooter game (i.e., Bubble Witch) with a drag and drop board game (i.e., Merged).

First you rotate your choice of arrows and circles in 8 different directions.

When you have the configuration you want, you drag your finger to the board. After releasing your finger, the circles will settle and the arrows will shoot off in the direction they are pointing. The arrows settle once they have reached the end of the board or other circles already added to the board.

If you connect 3 or more pieces up-and-down, side-to-side or diagonally then you remove the circles from the board. You score a point for every circle you remove.

There is both a high score mode and 200 levels where you need a minimum score of roughly 50 to pass.

The levels have additional challenges that either destroy or redirect arrows such as canons, bombs, tubes, rotating gears, etc.

In addition, we have just added a second mode of play where an endlessly rotating arrow is already added to the board. The player taps the screen and the arrow shoots off in the direction it is pointing.

Match Spree is free and there are no in app purchases.