The Metronomicon

Entrant 2018



The Metronomicon is a fusion of the high-speed, fluid, zen-like state of playing a rhythm/music game with the story-rich loot, leveling, and character building of a full length RPG.

The game is birthed from two design desires.
1) To simplify an RPG down to its mechanical roots. Boil it down to just what we think makes it fun. Character building, combat, battle, strategy.
2) How do we introduce strategy into the rhythm genre? How can we make player decision matter?

Every song in The Metronomicon represents the exploration of one wing of a deep dungeon. The foyer of a grand castle, the top of a dragon's mountain. As the song plays on, unlimited parades of monstrous enemies assault you, attacking away.
Use your created team of four heroes to fight back, swapping between heroes (each with their own choreographed instrumental track) on the fly, and playing various rhythm patterns to cast your spells.
Need a cure? Hop over there and play a quick beat. Need a nuke? Jam over to the Black Mage, and play as long a streak as you can. Buff worn off? Pay a quick musical visit to the Paladin.

It's like... if Rock Band were for one-man bands... and every member of the band liked swords.