Mind Floe

Student Entrant 2016

MindFloe Team


Mind Floe is a game of exploration and puzzles, constantly seeking to surprise the player through its mechanics, its universe and its narrative. The player is lost in a constantly changing universe and makes a journey through the imagination.

The first pillar of our game is changing and disorienting gameplay.
Each level has its own main mechanical and gameplay brick, different from those of the following levels.

The second essential intention in Mind Floe is its contemplative aspect .
Mind Floe is first and foremost a visual and auditory journey.

Finally, the third and last great principle of our project is the unpredictable narrative.
Clues given throughout to the player do not give him quick and clear understanding of what is happening and that is precisely what allows us both to make them want to move on (to get the full information and have the end of the story), and to make players enjoy the experience: move forward without knowing everything. Experiment, discover, and learn.