Mind the Trap

Entrant 2017

Dissonance Entertainment


Venture as mice of chivalry descending into an ever-shifting dungeon filled with golden cheddar. Lethal traps, monsters, and the greed of your friends threaten your valiant pursuit for riches and glory. How will you and your friends cooperate? When will you betray them? In the end, only the most daring mouse can escape alive.

Mind the Trap is a dungeon party platformer that pits you and your friends against each other in a series of randomized dungeons to see who can feast on the most cheese. Each map is characterized by unique challenges that test various skills. Whether you're running on rolling boulders, launching each other from bouncy mushrooms, or hopping from mine cart to mine cart, you must take whatever advantage you can to finish on top. The player with the most cheese at the end wins the game!