Student Entrant 2018

HTW Berlin / DE:HIVE / B. A. Game Design
Anna Schiffels, Vivien Schreiber, Moritz Steinbeck


Calm yourself - move a mirror axis at the perfect position and teleport the drop in the centre of the target to create beautiful inkblots.

Fill the canvas with ink blots - move a mirror axis between the drop and the target. The mirror axis teleports the drop to the exact symmetric position on the other side of it.
Concentrate and take your time for adjusting the mirror axis, before you teleport the drop. Consider length, rotation and the distances between them, and try to aim for the target's centre.

The more accurate you hit, the bigger and more beautiful the blots you create will be. When you are satisfied with your work adjusting the mirror axis, transfer the dot's position by pressing the teleport-button.

Don't be careless, if you miss the target your drop gets partly soaked up by the paper until it fades away completely...