Entrant 2019



Mislead will be the most interesting puzzle game you play this year. The game is designed in a way to make the player think of a consequence before an action takes place. There are 2 parts to the game, the board area with carefully placed blocks, and the directions panel at the top. The directions panel has a list of arrows after the player removes a block the character Bu, will move the direction of the next arrow. This is what makes Mislead different to other puzzle games on the App Stores. The player thinks they know how they are going to move around the board because the arrows are showing them, but they will probably get lost. The player can only remove one block at a time and blocks have different abilities (bouncing, sliding, spike). Bu the character will get moved to different positions that the player might not expect him to move to. Mislead is something puzzle lovers of all ages(10+) will be absorbed with because of the unique game play. It is not at all hard to play but will challenge you to think differently.