Mona Lisa

Entrant 2017

Italic Pig Ltd


When Leonardo Da Vinci speaks of Mona Lisa as his greatest creation, he's not talking about the painting... he's actually talking about the girl.

Mona Lisa is a Renaissance robot, the culmination of all of Leo's skills as an inventor, engineer, architect, anatomist, sculptor and painter. Far from a clunky bundle of gears and flywheels, she's a marvel of turn-of-the--16th-century engineering: sleek, graceful and even a wee bit cheeky.

Using Leo's gadgets to break into churches and cathedrals, Mona steal great works of art out from under the noses of other Renaissance masters... but not before whipping up a 2-minute slapdash forgery to leave behind in its place.

Leonardo's greatest creation, Italy's greatest art thief. An adventure of stealth, forgery and revolution.