Monkey Bubbles

Entrant 2017

Geyik Oyun


The Most Entertaining Memory/Puzzle Game Ever! And we mean it!
Our Game is NOT yet another re-skinned game, it is built from scratch upon Unity, based on a very simple but entertaining idea, with high-quality graphics!
It deserves its title, (probably) the most entertaining memory game ever!
The game is built upon the idea of showing the player a few numbers in bubbles for a short time and hiding right after the numbers, then asking him/her to tap the bubbles in numerical order (1-2-3-4 etc) within a short frame. The instructor monkey will guide you through the game as soon as you run the game!
It comes with 3 game modes, each containing different challanges!
This was our inspiration while creating the game:

P.S.: Pretty soon going to be released on iOS too!