Moo Lander

Entrant 2021

The Sixth Hammer LTD


Moo Lander is a unique blend of platforming, puzzle solving and resource management. All of this – presented in great 2D graphics, memorable environments, interesting level design and challenging combat. Your hero is operating the last viable technology of his dying civilization. His mission – gather enough of the precious milk resource in order to save the Landers' home world. This is no easy task, as the milk is guarded by the ancient might Cows of old. Each level has its own Cow guardian with different amount (and kind) of milk. You must go through treacherous terrain and all kinds of hostile flora and fauna, found throughout this terrain. Coupled with smart puzzle solving, environmental hazards and obstacles, Moo Lander provides a mash-up of gaming experience. Adding a multiplayer couch co-op with the option of playing as the cows defines the game as a family friendly, living room game.