Entrant 2020

Rhino Games


Mythgard is a feature-rich digital CCG that features tactical combat, amazing artwork, and a fresh urban fantasy setting. We've loved CCGs for almost 30 years, and we set out to make a game that we love playing. We started by designing a unique resource system that facilitates multi-colored decks, solves the issues of mana distribution, and ensures interesting choices on every turn. Then we created a board and combat system that encourages tactical choices without slowing down gameplay. The development of the combat board led to our next innovation: lane enchantments. This unique card type adds strategic depth by allowing players to reshape portions of the game board. To encourage both flexibility and depth in deck building, we built paths and powers, which can be most easily understood as a build-your-own class system.

Mythgard is set in a modern-day alternate reality where the gods of myth are real. Over the centuries, the most powerful deities have disappeared, leaving the remaining gods and mythical creatures to find their place in a world now overrun by man. Our Open Beta includes a 15-mission story with unique art and a deeper narrative than other card games.

Even though we are a small team, our effort and passion has resulted in a best-in-genre feature set including replays, spectator mode, deck tracker, AI draft, silky smooth device handover, and an exciting 2v2 format that plays nearly as fast as 1v1.