Necropolys Encounter

Entrant 2017

Pegasone Inc.


Necropolys Encounter is a first person action-strategy game designed for the mid-core player.

Push the Treasure Chest through the last Zone of a forsaken graveyard, collect the hidden gems, use your skills, a pumpkin gun, and crates & barrels to defeat the Freaks who try to grab the diamonds and gold from you. Beware of deadly traps. A reward awaits you at the end. Time is a factor.

"Physics is implemented well and adds to variety on how player could tackle particular in-game challenge. Graphics are eye-catching, especially environment details and monsters design. Gameplay looks like fun." -- GOG reviewer

"I'm feeling nostalgia for a game I've never actually seen before." -- Steam Greenlight user

The current release includes all three game episodes:

Episode 1 : Knight's Arena
Episode 2 : Skeleton's Lair, Zombie's Alley, Vampire's Park
Episode 3 : Headsman's Nettle, Convict's Maze, King's Pigsty