Nectar of the Gods

Entrant 2021


Nectar of the Gods is an unquenchable head-to-head real-time strategy / tower defense game where bugs battle over the finest beverages. You must strategically deploy a chosen bug family, nimbly navigate the countertop, and claim liquid nirvana!

In Nectar of the Gods you will embody Beetle Brigade, The Hive, and Spidey Party. Each bug family has 8 unique bugs with special abilities and quirks. Examples include a Rhino Beetle that propels fellow beetles forward with it's mighty stampede. And a Queen Bee that boosts your team's resources by producing precious royal jelly. All of the bugs have sampled the sweet sweet nectar of the drink industry and are counting on you to coordinate a winning drink against any bugs standing in your way. In order to deliver this bubbly bliss, you will need to maximize every bug's contribution, while squashing anything your opponent or the countertop can throw at you.