Niara: Rebellion Of the King

Entrant 2019

Redseed Technologies


Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPG is set in a world where gunpowder and magic goes hand in hand. The land is vast and is under control of kings. Kingdom of Kruuthvaal is under unrest as one of its port cities have been attacked by one of the mightiest nations in history, Udrela. Peace on the continent was maintained by the Ansark Alliance but it had lost much of its influence due to heavy corruption among kings. Blood of thousands of people is on Udrelean commander's hands who ordered the attack. Kruuthvaal wants his head. The Alliance forbids it. What will happen when a surviving soldier(with a conscience and will to defeat the unbeaten army) finds his countrymen and loved ones being crushed in this political warfare resulting in their blood being spilled?

This game features turn based battles and exploration of the game map using in game choices. There is an inventory, quest and merchant system as well. All effort has been done to make sure that all the necessary RPG elements are included in the game alongside the immersive story telling features of a visual novel.

This is a demo of the game. The full version will be released tentatively by April 2019. Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates about the actual release date. Go to our site to find the subscription link

Our Team:
Soundtrack: Anish Gupta (
Character Art: Serena Susan Abraham (
Programming, story and background art: Ayush Raj (