Night Bizarre

Student Entrant 2017

The National Film and Television School
Laura Dodds


Play as a fortune teller in a strange, bustling, Cambodian night market, thrive or strive as you wield your tarot cards and predict the future of those who visit your stall.

As 20-year-old Srey you must prove to your down-to-earth mother, Tola, and mystically-minded grandmother, Arunny, that you can make a success of your stall, or else you'll be sent back home to care for your three wild brothers. This is your chance for freedom in the fascinating city. Over five days, face family disputes, dangerous criminals and torrential tropical storms.

Discover the stories of the night bazaar and influence the colourful characters who populate it.
Will you use the tools of the trade to learn the art of deception and swindle as much money as you can? Or will you use Srey's 'gift' to establish a reputation for yourself as a talented fortune teller and see your premonitions come true?