Student Entrant 2021

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Monster Lab


Nohra is a beautiful and fast paced precision platformer where you take control of Lupu, a newly awakened monster, and attempt to escape from an abandoned lab.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, this game is built with reaction and mechanical mastery in mind where players are expected to recognize patterns in the scenes and combine movements to advance. Set in a once proud laboratory now broken and neglected, you play as a monster who has broken its containment. Freed of your confinement for the first time in years, you scour the lab in search of an exit, and maybe something more. Something other than freedom that calls to you.

On your mission to find a way out, you will encounter many dangers. All signs of the previous inhabitants are gone, but the defenses protecting them are as vigilant as ever. However, with your ability to chain dashes together and slow down time, the defenses set up in your way stand no chance. Through sheer force of will and strength beyond normal creatures, you will prove you are what you were designed by your makers long gone to be, an apex predator.

- Chain your dashes to wind through deadly traps.
- Slow down time and enjoy the view of your beautiful prison.
- Time yourself, challenge your friends, beat the developers!