Nova Drift

Entrant 2019

Chimeric Games


Nova Drift distills the mechanical depth of an action RPG into classic arcade space combat. Control an endlessly evolving bio-mechanical ship, face legions of strange and deadly foes, and ride the wake of a dying star across the void.

* Create a unique build every run. Games are quick, allowing for rapid experimentation, iteration, and advancement.
* Cunning and creativity are rewarded as you chain upgrade modules for powerful synergies.
* Access over 100 weapons and mods as you progress and expand your arsenal.
* Build to play how you want. Snipe, command a drone army, discharge your shields, charge up, burn enemies with your thrusters, or smash right through them. There's a way to make it work.
* Unlock modular challenge modes, providing greater risk and rewards. The stakes are high, as death is permanent!
*Every game is randomly generated, keeping the fight intense and unpredictable. Fight through the campaign or play endlessly.