Entrant 2019

Magic Chopstick Games


Words are your weapons!

Obliteracy is a word game set in a utopian future where energy is generated from language itself. Word-warriors pilot enormous mechanized robots in a tournament to prove themselves worthy of the title of Champion--and to earn the chance to craft the future of the world.

Obliteracy's core gameplay mixes the familiar mechanics of tile-based word games with a variety of bonuses, board configurations, and contenders to create a fresh, dynamic challenge in every match. Players choose from one of eight different playable challengers, each with distinctive strengths, weaknesses, skills and play styles. Battles are fought using wildly varying tile sets, each with its own configuration of powerup tiles that can boost damage and energy gain. Each character has their own unique set of special attacks which, properly used, can instantly turn the tide of a pitched struggle.

In Story Mode, players face increasingly challenging opponents in eight distinct and engrossing story arcs, all culminating in battles against the Codexicron, the enigmatic curator of all humanity's knowledge. Multiplayer lets you challenge friends and strangers from across the globe in single-match play, and Quick Play drops you into a randomly generated encounter that adapts over time to match your skill level.

With dozens of board configurations and character matchups, Obliteracy demands quick wit and constantly evolving strategies to ensure victory.