Odd Waters

Student Entrant 2020

Wooden Leg Studio (Claudia Caillet, Meryem Erikci, Vincent Arnol, Jérémy Guarober, Clément Pilate, Paul Eyheramouno)


Odd Waters is a is a puzzle-solving and sea navigation game for PC.
You play as an experienced navigator who decided to set sail after receiving a letter asking you to retrieve an old acquaintance.

Anna Cresy, a famous navigator has disappeared in a mysterious sea on her boat a few months ago.

To trace her, you will have to sail in strange waters that no one has ever managed to map. You will have to go from islands to islands and discuss with inhabitants to collect precious information and maybe, in the end, you will discover what happened to her.

Odd Waters was made in less than 3-months by a group of French students of the CNAM-ENJMIN.