One Finger Death Punch 2

Entrant 2019

Jonathan Flook & David Flook


You're surrounded, outnumbered and have to use any weapon you can get your hands on to dismantle your opponents in a flurry of kung fu. That's the essence of OFDP2, the world's fastest brawler. It features the original OFDP's unique two-button mechanics which my brother and I have spent the last five years perfecting. Speed and precision are key in this whirlwind fighting frenzy, as players maintain control over the 26 different unlockable skills, frenetic gameplay, and over 1000 classic kung fu-inspired animations.

We want to show that a fighting game can be complex without cumbersome button combinations. Simple design doesn't mean a simple game. Once players complete the tutorial levels and learn the basics, they'll see that this is the most intense two-button game ever made. Mobile games in recent years have brought simple control schemes to the forefront of game design. Simple control schemes are not necessarily best on mobile devices and we want to highlight that point by bringing OFDP2 to PC and consoles.