The Orb

Entrant 2016

Omega Tomato Games


The Orb is an action platformer game that takes place on the fictional world of Amma. Heavily inspired by African art and mythology, players control a character known as Ogun, a mysterious man protecting a strange world from alien invaders and their planet eating space ship called the Orb. Scattered throughout the game are items that enhance weapons and grant special abilities that allow Ogun to unlock and explore the open ended world of Amma.

Africa Inspired – Check out a fresh new take on fantasy and sci-fi with a game heavily inspired by African tribal art folklore and culture. Everything has a unique twist and charm, from the warm earth tones of the native lands to the cold metallic growths of their alien oppressors.

RPG Leveling System – Gain power and abilities with each level increase as players improve stats like armor, health, and energy as they progress.

Collect Unique Weapons and Inventory – Throughout the game are ancient magical weapons or scavenged guns that Ogun can use to great effect upon the enemy. Collect them all and find new ways to conquer foes!

Find hard hitting melee weapons that deal massive damage or spray the room with super heated plasma from a distance.

Explore an Alien World – It's a vast open world and much like Metroid, the game world is a character worth getting to know in itself. Use items and abilities to uncover hidden secrets and gain valuable information about the world of Amma.

Experience open world gameplay similar to those classic Metroidvanias you know and love!