Entrant 2020

IDEA Games


Dive into OtherWordly's galactic word quest to rescue your lovable alien comrades from the evil Lexiborgs.

OtherWordly combines the cleverness of a crossword puzzle with the agility of a matching game in a galaxy where word-loving Termarians have been captured by evil Lexiborgs. Gameplay involves flinging core words out of a sun and into related orbiting target words. OtherWordly includes 15 chapters, each with a unique look, sidekick, and powerup. There are 150 levels set at a relaxing pace, plus 15 timed bonus levels that require quickly matching related words. The game contains over 40,000 words in more than 1,400 sets of related words and 650 trivia sets. Players can use hints to aid their progress, with usage examples plucked from famous books and publications. There are over a dozen word sets per level, each packed with thought-provoking related words.

OtherWordly draws inspiration from a tradition of word-matching games, space invaders, and bricks, as well as a growing genre of peaceful puzzlers where players make careful, considered moves in a dynamic and interesting universe.