Entrant 2021

IDEA Games


Sharpen your mind, relax your soul, and showcase your vocabulary.

Enter the vast cosmos of OtherWordly, a mesmerizing word game that combines the cleverness of a crossword puzzle with the agility of a matching game. Each level has a sun containing core words, and it's up to you to fling those core words into related orbiting words. Along the way, help friendly robots, aliens, space slugs, and other celestial creatures by harvesting life-giving energy to restore their galaxy of words.

* BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY – This peaceful puzzler adapts to your knowledge of English, making it perfect for everyone from children and non-native speakers to puzzle enthusiasts and expert wordsmiths. Learn about any word by viewing an example quotation drawn from literature.

* CHALLENGE YOUR MIND – Each level involves matching words with a synonym or related word while avoiding orbiting obstacles and ever-shifting letters that appear and disappear. Can you match FRUIT to A★PLE? Or FINESSE to EL★GAN★E?

* IMMERSE YOURSELF – Enjoy over 20 hours of gameplay and 180 levels while exploring 15 uniquely-themed chapters, each with its own ethereal soundtrack and helpful hero sidekick. Further challenge yourself with timed quick-association levels, antonym matches, and 3 bonus challenges per level.

As you progress, you'll win gifts for your lovable alien and robot sidekicks (such as a cool hat or a pizza), unlock useful power ups, and unravel a deepening galactic mystery.

Put on your thinking cap for this cosmic adventure.