Entrant 2020

Margaret Dax


OX OX OH adds lying to tic-tac-toe and hopefully it doesn't end your friendships.

You'll play bombs and so will your opponent, you know when your opponent plays a bomb, but not where. While players try to get three Xs/Os in a row to dealing damage to each other, the question of "did they play a bomb here or there?" totally changes the game. They're expensive to play, but deal damage when played on by your opponent. Think you know where your opponent put a bomb? You can disarm it for the same cost. Every action during your turn costs energy which you receive at the beginning of each turn. You'll often have energy left over at the end of your turn and it rolls over; you can play aggressively or hold back and wait for the right moment to make multiple moves.

OX OX OH has a versus mode playable via a single device (pass and play) or multiple devices (wifi). There's also a single player mode with four AI styles to choose from, each has something to teach you about how the game can be played. Sounds and music in OX OX OH were made by Joel Corelitz, sound designer and composer for games such as Gorogoa, The Unfinished Swan, and upcoming Eastward. The game has been designed to not feature ads or consumable in-app purchases, they don't belong in the game.