Party Golf

Student Entrant 2017

University of Tasmania
Giant Margarita


A rowdy race to the hole and a whole lot more!

Party Golf is a fast-paced highly-competitive local-multiplayer game that is easy to learn but has so many different ways to play that you'll never want to put it down.

Feel the rush of curving your ball mid-air to get a hole-in-one, the exhilaration of beating your friends to the hole by a fraction of second, and the satisfaction of denying someone else's victory by blasting them out of the way with powerups!

- 4-player local-multiplayer and even 8-player matches with wacky shared controller mode
- over 100 included game modes, and you can make your own with our super powerful gameplay customisation system
- procedurally generated terrains so you'll never play the same hole twice
- over 10 different powerups to suit any play style
- mess with your friends by dropping mines or pushing them off the screen
- get to the hole faster by controlling your ball in the air, sticking to any surface, or even going straight through walls
- Twitch integration that allows viewers to directly change the gameplay through the group chat

... and night golf, checkpoints, elimination modes, rat-king... the number of ways to play is practically endless!