Pato Box

Entrant 2018



Pato Box is an adventure and fighting game inspired by the classic "Punch Out!" which takes place in the lair of the corrupt corporation Deathflock. During the game you will take control of Patobox, a boxing champion with the special distinction of having a duck's head in a human body. He has been betrayed by the members of Deathflock, the very same corporation that has represented and sponsored him throughout his career. Patobox is looking for retribution while searching and defeating all Deathflock's henchmen. Discovering the reasons behind this treason an even darker secret lies within the walls of this company. The world of Pato Box is filled with mystery, riddles, mini-games and strange characters. You will know about this world just like if you were reading a comic through monochromatic graphics and comic-esque visual style. Pato Box is made for everyone out there that loves a good mystery novel and want to experience an old school and different game.