Entrant 2021

Michal Shoshan


"Pause" is a generative game based on wondering without boundaries.
Meaning the player is given an absolute level of freedom. Once the player clicks on the mouse wondering begins. He can wonder and build in any direction he desires. His whole experience will be built in relation to his past choices, no paths are predetermined. The experience and the unfolding story are completely unique and personal for each player.

While wondering the world, the player will meet other characters which will join his adventures.
The player will change from an individual to a group, the paths will change accordingly to his entourage.
This will affect the group dynamics, the rhythm, and the space. This will redesign the whole experience.

To be a part of the experience, the player must be active - he must continue to roam and discover the space. From time to time he is also welcome to stop, watch or just be. If he does not return to play for a long time, his wanderings will end at this point. Because of that - the ending is transformable, basically depending on the places you pass and the characters you meet.
The end is where the player has decided to stop.