Pets Race

Entrant 2018


Emotionally inspired by Mario Kart and animations inspired by Disney, Pets Race is a 2D side scrolling multiplayer racing game. Each race has 4 players playing online to race against each other. During the race, each player controls a different pet to pick up items that help them win such as watermelons and gold bones. Watermelon is a non-homing projectile and a gold bone gives the player temporary invulnerability and speed boost similar to a star item in Mario Kart. We made a big effort in balancing the levels and items to make sure the rubber-band effect provided players the most amount of fun and best-moment interactions.

We revolved the theme of the game around our love of pets. In addition to the fun moments in the race, Pets Race has a metagame around taking care of the pets and buying them the best beds to keep them happy. Happy pets in the game get an extra boost meter. Our animation style is inspired by Disney - where we believe the first pets came to life for a mass audience.

We've been working on this game for three years and are very excited to launch soon. We believe Pets Race will push the mobile racing genre forward.