Entrant 2018

Peak Beak Labs L.L.C.


PHASERBEAK is a competitive local-multiplayer game set in the far future where genetically-modified birds battle for supremacy.

The controls are simple and easy-to-pick-up, but interact in a variety of ways to create depth. There are three core actions. Players can move around, charge up lasers, or dash in any direction. Instead of shooting immediately, skilled players will hold onto a charged laser to pressure opponents into dodging too early, making them easy targets. For the more daring, a well-timed dash will reflect lasers back at opponents.

Each round randomly selects from one of 6+ game modes, each featuring a unique set of rules that change up how the game is played. Players attempt to push others off platforms in Sumo, pass along an exploding potato bomb in Hot Potato, and avoid giant laser beams in Wheel Of Death. Since different game modes showcase different skillsets, the competition remains close and a single player is less likely to dominate the game.

PHASERBEAK will be coming to PC, Mac, and Linux systems in 2018, though we hope to support consoles in the future!