Entrant 2020

Phil Bod (Bodgamestudio)


It's a 2D game of adventure with puzzles and a strong script. Original and mysterious messages, decoding and a unreleased soundtrack.
It stages a little character stucked in a white "line"  !
Why did this happen ? How to reach the end of this "line" much more alive than it seems ...

An unknown entity sends you to look for the bars of infinity scattered in the different Empires.
The only way for PhilGood to find his loved ones is to accept the challenge and follow the instructions given by this entity.
Fight every enemy, solve every riddle in order to overcome obstacles and get a little closer to the "truth".
But at every moment, your life hangs by a thread !

Behind an apparent simplicity lies a solid scenario, comparing the ideas, the point of views and criticisms of a Greek philosopher about his area (8th century BC), and the various abuses of our contemporary world with its socio-political-economic crises. A "lore" filled with metaphors, mysteries and discoveries.
...And in the end, you believe you've seen everything, you believe you have all the keys.
And if the Empires were to hide another reality.
What is their true secret...!