PixelJunk Eden 2

Entrant 2021


Baiyon returns once again to the PixelJunk™ Eden series to provide his unique vision of art and music in order to create an unforgettable experience that draws players in. The soundtrack contains the minimal techno/house sound of its predecessor, but with more of an organic feel.
Players travel through the luscious Gardens, full of unique plants and vegetation with the help of Grimps. By filling up the Seeds with Pollen, players can open new Plants and pathways as they journey through their colorful, organic world. Grimps have the ability to jump and swing, providing a lively take on the action-platformer genre. When the Grimps move, players can feel their presence in the Gardens as their world changes in appearance, shape, and form. Players will create unique paintings in real-time as they explore the Gardens. There are so many Grimps and Spices each with its own unique ability and enhancements to discover. Combine these to navigate through the Gardens and recover the Spectra, which serves as the source of life in the world of Eden.

Players will be able to enjoy traversing the rich, vibrant world of PixelJunk™ Eden 2 either in single-player or with a friend. In addition, players can choose their favorite levels and explore how they want in the unlockable Garden Collection mode. Combine variants of Spices, Grimps, and Gardens for a rich and challenging experience. Local Co-Op returns to the series, allowing up to two players to collaborate and work together to create real-time action paintings