Planetoid Pioneers

Entrant 2017

Data Realms


Planetoid Pioneers is a 2D physics-y action-adventure driven by User Generated Content and mainly inspired by the classics Blaster Master (1988) and Exile (1988). Initially, you find yourself marooned on the first Planetoid in a Robinson Crusoe-like scenario - use your Atomizer/Assembler tool to gather resources and turn them into various vehicles, contraptions, and life forms to help you explore the mysterious caves beneath the surface of the uncharted circular world.

When your creations break apart due to the unique physics engine, simply recycle the resources locked in the wreckage/carcass and build something else that will be useful or fun in the immediate situation. Transport enough stuff from the depths of the Planetoid to the surface in order to build a reusable rocket ship and blast off! Then, explore the expanding asteroid belt full of exciting worlds created and shared by fellow players - or make your own with the help of the polished and powerful in-game editor and helpful tutorials.