Please, Touch The Artwork

Entrant 2020

Studio Waterzooi


Please, Touch The Artwork is a set of relaxing puzzle games each based on a famous abstract painting. It aims to be aesthetic, inspiring & educational, while providing a subtle challenge. It's a journey to the origins of modern art.

Season one contains 3 mini-games, each based on a painting from Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the art-movement 'The Style' in 1917, and one of the abstract-art pioneers. In one game you get to know more about the art-movement, while another one focuses on Mondrian's story. A third game tells its own story, set in the world of the Boogie Woogie paintings (the streets of New York in 1944).

The game takes inspirations from Prune (relaxing), Thomas Was Alone, Two Dots (story), and other minimalist puzzle games such as Yellow (color mechanics), LYNE, Scalak (no hand-holding, random generated puzzles).