Project Perfect Citizen

Student Entrant 2017

Bad Cop Studios


Project Perfect Citizen is an innovative interactive narrative experience that addresses government surveillance in the digital age. In this alternate-day dystopia, the player takes on the role of a no-name employee at the Department of Cyber Police and Security: a division of the government tasked with monitoring all domestic communications within "The Nation". After obtaining a warrant from an automated database extraction system, the player is granted access to their target's Desktop in order to collect incriminating evidence to prove the target's guilt. But when the line between criminality and the everyday struggle is blurred, the player must look to their own conscience to arrest or exonerate the targets he or she is surveilling. In all, Perfect Citizen seeks to take the player on a thought provoking journey through the personal lives of imperfect citizens in order to push the bounds of games as a storytelling medium and create a tense yet intimate gameplay experience that directly engages with contemporary rhetorics of privacy and security.