Psycho Stage

Entrant 2020


Psycho stage is a pixel art style 2D platformer with action, fighting, movement, character building and other features. The story happens on a desolate world with wreckage and floating islands. Players play as two heroines to push through dangerous terrains, fight through exotic monsters, surviving through stages by utilizing various combos and reflex. Player need to build up bases, push back monster invasion, and explore the unknown world to progress the story.


Powerful Heroines:
The controllable characters include Sapphire and Coral. Sapphire is the cheerful one while Coral is tender. Their characteristic translate into unique movesets. The respawn mechanic is also quite unique, players will turn into spirit form and will be able to move around before respawning. In stages, players can collect ability chips to customize and improve their characters.

Challenging platforming and fights
Character movesets includes launch, drop, dash, charge attacks and more special moves. There is also different items and equipment that help players build combos (Just like fighting games!) and overcome the stages.
Players will need to get used to the vertical level design, get familiar with the action, movement, and put situation awareness to their full potential. Traps and mechanisms make the stages come to life and becomes a menacing enemy. With a handful of secrets, Psycho Stage is a game more than it looks.

Unique enemies:
Enemies in Psycho Stage looks very exotic, players will rarely encounter any familiar figures. Unlike usual platformers with fixed position and attacks, enemies will react to player position and terrains with different behavior. There is a large variety of enemies in the game, powerful monsters will have even more devastating attacks.