Queen Rules

Entrant 2021

Juan Gabriel Palomino Garcia


While some games market an old game dressed up in different clothes, this one is entirely unique. It's as original and gripping as chess, but a lot more fun. "It's sort of like Sudoku on shrooms," said one user, which we found very amusing. If you like puzzle games, Queen's Rules is a goldmine. It will keep you in the mentality of ...I'll just play one more level"…

You'll need to strategize your way through battlefield situations and trap-laden labyrinths to rescue soldiers surrounded by enemies and combine forces to defeat the big boss. Plan for your army, get ready to attack and deploy all your soldiers to complete the puzzle.

To create a level of visual distinction that stands out amongst other games in the genre, the game's characters and set pieces are crafted physically using polymer clay, in a real oven and with real fire! In other words, we played with fire to make this game happen, literally.
The effect is hypnotic, close to magical. Immersed in a tactile environment with glimmering music playing in the background, you're free to use your mind on strategy in a very relaxing way.