Red Stained

Student Entrant 2018

Cnam Enjmin


You play as Emma, a young woman who just found the corpse of her best friend Ariana in the lair of a tormented artist. You investigate the crime scene, unfolding the killer staging. But be carrefull, you might be his masterpiece...

Red Stained is a short and powerful narrative experience in Virtual Reality halfway between investigation and horror. The game sets up a strong atmosphere and a direction inspired by the Giallo (an Italian erotic-horrific cinema of the 70s). Thanks to this staging based on the mastery of narrative, lighting and scenography, Red Stained is a game open to multiple interpretations that will push the player to go beyond the limits of his own moral. Player goes through a wide range of sensations as plunges into the artist's total work. For all these reasons the work is destined for well-seasoned players as well as for film buffs.