Entrant 2019

Four5Six Pixel / Huey Games


Get ready for multiplayer vehicular mayhem in Revaround - a spectacular fusion of Akranoid and Rocket League. Each vehicle class can possess and propel special powerballs via a unique physics-driven ability to inflict maximum destruction:

- Catashock Class: Grapple powerballs and sling-shot them at your opponents
- Sabre Class: Duel-wield laser swords allow you to catch and smash powerballs across the arena
- Boomer Class: Capture powerballs in your orbit, or emit a powerful shock-wave to propel them
- Striker Class: Grab and launch powerballs with your spring-loaded cannon

Features include:

- Smash Course: Arcade campaign mode for 1-2 players
- Smashout: Multiplayer battle arena mode for 2-12 players
- Vehicle Customisation: Download and equip custom vehicle parts
- Extensive DLC: Download all-new game modes like Air Hockey and customer new arenas
- Mixer Interactive: Stream your game and allow viewer to interact directly with the action