Ritual of the Moon

Entrant 2020

Kara Stone, Rekha Ramachandran, Julia Gingrich, Chris Kerich, Matthew R.F. Balousek, Kevin Stone, Hope Erin Phillips, Halina Heron, Maggie McLean


Ritual of the Moon is a daily meditational activity that takes place over 28 real time day. Each day the player experiences a memory game, draws symbols, receives a mantra, and makes a decision about the future of the earth. The game tracks the decisions the player makes, becoming a sort of mood tracker. The narrative follows a witch who had been exiled to the moon during a neo-Salem witch trial and discovers she has the power to destroy or protect the earth. Each day a little bit of the witch's narrative is unfolded, discovering more about her life and her lover, Malinda, and the Earth's Council that has exiled the witch to the moon to live out the rest of her life looking at the earth - and the woman she loves - that she can never go back to. Depending on their feelings over the lunar cycle, the player will experience one of the multiple endings.

This game was to create a space for self-reflection to be embedded into their lives. It is in hopes that we can create a different relationship to games and personal technology, sparking self-reflection rather than escapism. It doesn't tell people how to feel so much as prompt them to check in with their own emotional state at that moment. Ritual of the Moon is a unique game in aesthetic and design and offers a different approach to making and playing videogames.