Road To: Dogs of War

Entrant 2022

H4Design - Hugo Nuñez


Road To: Dogs of War is an awesome top-down shmup that follows two badass wrestlers, Jonny and Fury Rose, on their way to the Dogs of War tournament.

At this tournament, they will fight for their chance to save their hometowns and win the Grand Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet.


They have to get there.

This game is inspired by Pro Wrestling (With the intention to start a digital wrestling game brand). Many PPVs for the UFC, Boxing, Wrestling, etc have what are called "Road To" videos that are meant to set up the matches in the event, the characters, and establish what they are fighting for.

In Road To: Dogs of War players will get the opportunity to get to know these two superstars and help get them to the tournament (the second game) on time!