Robo Maestro

Entrant 2022

Joost van Dongen


Robo Maestro is a procedural music toy. A bit like Townscaper, but for music. You tell it what you want, and then the Maestro automatically generates music that fits that. Playing Robo Maestro requires no music knowledge at all. Just have fun and hear what happens. Guide the Maestro and create awesome music together with it!

Robo Maestro has two modes. Maestro Mode is the main attraction: a fun chill experience where the music constantly evolves based on your choices. The other mode is Editor Mode, which provides tools that let you define the music in detail. Here you can build loops and songs and you can even export them for your own use! There are also options for the Maestro to produce a continuous stream of music that you can jam along to, or to be surprised by what the Maestro composes fully automatically.