A Rogue Escape

Entrant 2022

Spare Parts Oasis


A Rogue Escape drops you in the opening moments of a bold, and possibly foolhardy escape attempt. There are so many, many, many things that can go wrong, and even after you get past the guards, the crushing atmosphere, the traitorous merchants, and the giant land squids you'll still be trapped in a colossal machine you don't know how to pilot. But you won't be here anymore, and that fact alone is worth the risk.
Take command of a 4-story crawling mech - a Nauticrawl. Clues left by previous pilots will get you started, but you'll have to fill in the gaps. Pull levers, flip switches, and experiment with everything. But beware, getting it moving is just the first hurdle…

Evade capture as you test your wits, bypassing systems and sentries. Master 5 distinct control centers that you were never meant to pilot, and feel what it's like to pilot a colossal steampunk mech in VR.