Roto Color Rhythm

Entrant 2018

Blue Volcano Studio


Roto Color Rhythm is the psychedelic experience that takes you on a trip through colourful galaxies in a meticulous orchestration of lightwaves and music, evoking a sense of synaesthesia as color and sound are linked in our minds on a subconscious level.

"It's like Rock Band met Rez, conceived a child at a Pink Floyd concert who went on to become a
karaoke DJ star."

Seeking to redefine the music game genre with an emphasis on the meditative, hypnotic effect that music and color have on the self as opposed to fast reflexes and pattern memorizing. With modes that let you play endlessly through all tracks, to remixing these tracks into your own unique soundtrack, players are given a creative outlet of expression via music and visuals working cohesively.