Secret Oops!

Entrant 2021

MixedBag Srl


Secret Oops! is an innovative cooperative local multiplayer Augmented Reality game where players try to make sure that the world's dumbest spy isn't detected.

When a new threat arises and briefcases start to disappear all over the world, the S.P.Y. Agency, the only agency in the world run by robotic pigeons, sends its best agent to investigate: Special Agent Charles.

Charles is the best spy in the world but... he's also as dumb as a rock. Security cameras? Deadly traps? Dangerous robot-guards? Charles will happily trigger them all.
Luckily you and your friends are here, ready to help him!

Thanks to the latest hacking device, the Spymatic 3000, you'll be able to interact with the world remotely and disable the security systems, helping Charles to accomplish his mission.

But remember, you'll need careful planning and perfect coordination between all the players to succeed: communication is the key!


* Unique gameplay made possible only by the latest advances in Augmented Reality technology
* Play together in AR on the same gameplay board shared by players in the real world: it feels like magic!
* 1-4 local multiplayer game playable across iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, iPods and Macs
* Five different game worlds available!
* 80 hand-crafted levels, with different gameplay configurations for 1, 2 or 3+ players
* Each level is a highly detailed mini diorama, ready to be discovered in Augmented Reality
* Devise the perfect plan and execute it with the other players to accomplish your mission!