Sheeping Around

Entrant 2019

Fleon Labs


Sheeping Around is a multiplayer (1v1) card dueling game about grazing and stealing sheep. The objective is simple: you gotta graze the sheep and call them home as a shepherd, or lure and steal them as a thief.

There's three sheep on the board, and one of the players is the Shepherd and the other is a Thief. As a shepherd attach graze cards to sheep to graze, and when you're done, use "Whistle" to take them home. As a thief, attach lure cards to sheep to lure them and when they're lured, steal them away. The first person to get two sheep wins. But the tricky part is all the other cards that make your opponents' lives harder. You can lay traps, guard sheep, reduce graze / lure values and use special bonus cards to your advantage.

Add deck-building and card collection, and you get the basic elements of a CCG. All in all, an exciting game that will make you ask your friends, "Will you sheep with me?"