Entrant 2022

Imaginary Friends Games LLP


Shindig is a warm, cheerful, fully-voiced and feelsy narrative adventure in a point-and-click style, where you'll help out a rainbow of quirky characters with their troubles, gather all the bits for a brilliant bash, and bring your new neighbourhood together for a joyous party. With a character creator because representation matters, light puzzle-solving to encourage exploration, and plenty to discover on the island, Shindig offers a few hours of escape into a gentle picturebook world. A heartfelt, homegrown adventure set in a welcoming emotional landscape, Shindig has its serious side too, with discussions touching on deeper social topics to foster a spirit of compassion and empathy - because none of us are broken, we're all just different shapes.

Clocking in at a few hours from start to finish, Shindig is the perfect game for a chill evening or a lazy weekend. Packed with idiosyncratic and surreal humour, a couple of silly songs, and a side helping of real feelings, it's vibes all the way down in this colourful, compact indie adventure.